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wendy newton - USA

After studying yoga informally since age 16, Wendy was introduced to Alan Finger and ISHTA Yoga in 2001 and completed the Be Yoga ISHTA teacher training in 2004. Wendy creates a spacious and nurturing environment in her asana classes, which are strength-building while encouraging a spirit of non-competition and introspection in which the student can begin to understand the effect of the asana on the energetic system. She strives to make both the physical and meditative yogic practices accessible to all her students, including those new to yoga and those with physical or other challenges.



Communication Through Self-Reflection: Interactive Tools for Effective Space-Holding, Friday, August 3rd 18:30 - 20:00, the Yellow House

If you are a yoga teacher or work in any of the healing arts, you have most likely experienced “practitioner burnout.” We sometimes feel as if we take on our students’ burdens or are anxious that we are putting our “stuff” on our students. This session is a laboratory for discovering a yogic way of effectively and effortlessly holding space for individuals and groups with more clarity and less struggle.

The session will start with a short lecture on the three gunas — rajas, tamas, and satvas — as interactive principles of relationship, and explore what “self-reflection” means in yoga. We will then work in groups of three to develop an understanding of how to identify and and occupy the practitioner (active), recipient (receptive), and observer (neutral) roles in classes and individual sessions.

A final discussion will be moderated to introduce how to give feedback to students using the language of self-reflection. Wendy holds a safe and uplifting space for exploration, and the results are often profound. Wendy is a yoga master and senior teacher trainer at ISHTA Yoga in New York, and has been teaching the art of teaching for many years. Program track: MAGNESIA PRO