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peter ferko - USA

Peter Ferko is a yogiraj (yogamaster) who has been practicing yoga and meditation for more than 30 years. With attention to breath, alignment and the elemental essences described in tantra yoga, Peter guides students to a grace and efficiency in their practice that carries over into every aspect of life.


Real Yoga, Actual Happiness, and Deep Living, Friday, August 3rd 8:15 - 10:00, Aito-makasiini

This session is a profound teaching about the nature of ourselves, yoga, and the mind. Beginning with a 30-minute satsang, Peter will share the yogic purpose and mechanism of meditation and how it influences our lives. In light-hearted, common-sense language, Peter will explain why yogis care about finding a meditative state and how the insight, creativity, and wisdom of meditation transforms life and lets us find happiness.

Then a short, basic pre-meditative asana practice will lead into a 30-minute kriya meditation suitable for all levels, but powerful at establishing the student in meditation. Program track: MAGNESIA PRO

Full-Spectrum Yoga, Saturday, August 4th 14:00 - 15:30, Miinamakasiini

While most practitioners know the word “yoga” means union, not everyone knows how to practice in a way that creates a coming together of the body, mind, and energy. Peter will lead a practice that incorporates moving the body, using the breath, concentrating the mind, and becoming aware of ourselves as energy. The practice concludes with a five-minute meditation.

This leads to the experience of the full radiance of yoga in practice. One leaves feeling whole, in body, mind, and heart. Program track: MOVE