We are proud to introduce Magnesia Festival music line-up! More artists to be announced prior to the festival. 

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Macoumba Ndiaye MAGNESIA.jpg

Macoumba Ndiaye

Macoumba Ndiaye is a musician, visual artist, and a licenced practical nurse, well-known as the drummer and background singer in Afrotysonia and Mande Maja Band. He comes from Senegal and has lived seven years in Finland.



Jaako Hurme (Trevor Deep Jr, Dj 3Rrd, HPTY) is one of the Helsinki night life music scene people since the end of the 90s. He’s a familiar face to all night club folks from Helsinki ’s Kaiku to Berlin’s Berghain. Jaako’s roots lie deep within the essence of dark rhythm music and he always has his eyes open for new interesting stuff without genre limits. ”As long as music touches your soul and generates energy, it has a place in this world”.

onni boi magnesia.jpg

Onni Boi

Onni Boi is a singer from Helsinki, who’s electronic songs create a perfect soundscape for the last hours of the night. You can both party and cry to these unique tunes. Deep sense of style, sensitivity and melancholy define Onni Boi’s debut EP that was released in October 2017.



Tapani Rinne

Tapani Rintee’s music is special and meditative. His songs open up a new visual world and minimalistic sensitivity. His clarinet’s warm, vibrating and calming sound is the power combining different kinds of sounds together. Tapani has been a musician all his life playing in bands such as RinneRadio, Slowhill and Wimme & Rinne. His emotional music breaths organically with Yin yoga bringing together the effects of Yoga and Music.



Roberto Rodriguez

Roberto Rodriguez is a Helsinki-based DJ, producer, radio host and music director. On top of having released tens of original releases and remixes, Roberto has had a big influence on the Finnish radio scene for over ten decades, currently as a producer for Ylex’s uuden musiikin programme. Robert is most known as a true friend of house and techno music but at Magnesia Festival, we get to enjoy a unique ambient and drone music set from him.



katti meu

Katti Meu aka Katja-Maria Taavitsainen is a dancer and a choreographer backgrounded singer-songwriter. Her first single ” Kädet Ilmaan” was released in 2015 and last December she released her first EP combining galactic sounds and dialogue with different artists. Katti Meu has named her music genre as galaxy pop, which makes sounds resonate at a soul level letting words become images, and music develop into a movement.


soul sanna magnesia.jpg

Soul Sanna

Dj Soul Sanna aka Sanna Yrjänheikki is a house music DJ with a passion spinning soulful, lyrical and afrohouse beats. Sanna’s has a background as a dancer, pilates and yoga instructo and she’s the owner of Pihasali – Creative Space -studio. Dj Soul Sanna is a regular guest DJ at Bassoradio’s Bridge show and you can also catch her spinning beats at dance events, art exhibitions, pop ups and clubs, in Finland and abroad. Sanna also produces her own club called Afro House Helsinki together with Hermanni Peltola.


Klaus Wing

Klaus Wing is a Helsinki-based broadcaster and a DJ on national Finnish radio Bassoradio. As a founder of the weekly TINGS radio show and an active music journalist he is known for introducing new national acts as well as broadening ones perspective with gems abroad. As a percussionist, he is an expert on Brazilian rhythms and plays also with the group MAAJO mixing African influences with electronic club music.




Marc Fred has been taking over the Helsinki club scene for years now and he’s known to be a friend of warm and good vibes creating tunes. He has a passion for both old and new rhythm music and he’s played in almost all key clubs in Helsinki conquering also the stage of Flow Festival and the cities of St. Petersburg and Tallin. Marc's specialty is both modern and more classic disco, house music and the sub-genres for both but he also enjoys the beats of other genres as well with a very wide and open scale.




Ukko usually plays Techno music, performs during night time and he’s set always tells a classic story with a proper amount of drama. Magnesia Festival will get to enjoy Ukko’s set under the clear sunny sky, while provides the tunes to support Lifted’s body weight training. Earlier knowns as DJ Upi Ukko has been performing at clubs from Slakthuset (Stockholm) to Katerholzig (Berlin). Ukko is also a promoter for a nightclub in Turku called Paino and he co-hosts MiscBehaving show on Bassoradio together with Oded Peled.


tommi partynen.jpg


Tommi Partynen aka DJ Ais-T will make your body move between different kinds of music styles easy as 123. His DJ set is a sensual mix between music from different decades from jazz to soul and world music to techno. He interprets his audience and the vibes and adjusts his set accordingly. Tommi will play his tunes as a last DJ standing on Magnesia’s Saturday night.