On stage on Thursday, August 4th

Ronya’s diverse influences are tangible in her music and style, having performed original songs along with jazz and R&B covers at local venues in her hometown of Helsinki since the age of 14. Originally signed to Warner, at age 17, Ronya made a turn in her career by signing with Cocoa Music. The Finnish-British singer-songwriter Ronya is widely regarded as one of the leading female voices in Finland. Her two albums have included hits such as “Hyperventilating”, “Flame” and “Work Harder”.

Ronya has graced some of our country's most respected stages including Tavastia, Flow Festival and Pori Jazz. We are ecstatic to have her performing a rare and personal acoustic show at Magnesia Festival.



On stage on Friday, August 5th

It was meant to be just a musical adventure between friends, when three guys from Finland packed their gear and headed down to Benin, West Africa, in January 2012. The outcome only turned out to be a little too fascinating to be just left there. Now, over 4 years later, Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble has released 2 critically acclaimed albums and toured by far in six countries. In fact, the whole 8-piece band just recently returned to the homeland of Voodoo, to play and visit all the places where this musical community got started.

The concept of the band is to take traditional Voodoo rhythms of Benin, and combine them with soulful songwriting, jazzy improvisations and funky beats. The music is written by the band’s lead vocalist/ percussionist Noël Saïzonou, and the guitarist Janne Halonen. The name of the band refers to their hometowns, which are over 6000 kilometers apart.

Having residents of two continents in the same band has created plenty of challenges over the years. Flying is expensive and African passports and visa practices have caused plenty of setbacks in European outer borders. Despite of all that, the group has been able to keep things going, and has gained a reputation of true survivors. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

The year 2015 was again a rather eventful one for Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble. The group collaborated with 18-piece UMO Jazz Orchestra, played numerous festival shows including the famous Sziget Festival in Budapest and made the Benin tour. Follow us and be the first to know what comes next!



On stage on Thursday, August 4th and Friday, August 5th

Acoustic New Age music or rust-colored doomsday gamelan. The throbbing heart: the deep and resonant thrum of the cupola, an acoustic instrument resembling a flying saucer forged out of steel. Next to the instrument a vinyl turntable spins, summoning deep, textured rhythms and organic noisescapes. Kumea Sound, a solo act by sound artist Lauri Wuolio, draws its influences from various genres of world music, minimalism and dark urban rhythms. The improvised, permeating and meditative waves of rhythm have the power to soothe even the busiest modern mind — or to wake the body to dance.



On stage on Thursday, August 4th

Since Elisabeth’s childhood, music has been her way of dealing with the surrounding world, emotional states, as well as a means for connecting with others and herself.  An enthusiasm in composing her own music began at a young age and her first professional performance was at the age of 12, when she lent her voice to the main character in the movie Helmiä & Sikoja (Pearls and Pigs).


Today Elisabeth is still composing and writing her own music and lyrics, and performs them with an acoustic and ambient inspired band. The crowd can feel the presence and the healing powers of her music under their skin. Elisabeth’s music is inspired by film music and modern pop/folk.  She performs songs written both in English as well as Finnish, and is without a doubt one of Finland’s most promising and interesting artists. Besides playing gigs in Helsinki, Elisabeth is recording her first EP this summer in Iceland.



On stage on Friday, August 5th

Jaako Hurme´s aka DJ 3rrd has since the end of the 90's has been one of Helsinki premier nightlife's taste makers. As the musical engine of Basso Radio, and later at Radio Helsinki's morning show, Jaako's roots are sprung from deep, dark rhythmical music and never bound to one genre. "As long as music touches you on an emotional level and generates energy, there is a place for it in this world."

Jaako releases music via his HPTY label, and has in recent years focused more on producing and performing his own music, which has brought him headline slots in some of Finland’s top clubs and festivals and bookings in the worlds leading underground venues. Behind the turntables, Jaako is certainly one of the city’s more soulful individuals, whose music and energy is highly tangible by the audience.



On stage on Thursday, August 4th

Tastemaker DJ and a dance music enthusiast, Tommi Partanen alias DJ Ais-T maneuvers effortlessly between various music genres. His DJ sets are a tasteful combination of music styles spanning over five decades: from world music to jazz, funk to soul, New York disco to Chicago house, and Jamaican reggae & dub to Detroit techno.

Partanen delved into Helsinki underground nightclubs, initially as an underaged club kid, but ultimately uniting his many interests in dance, club lighting design, disc jockeying and broadcasting. Spending 20 years in this industry has garnered him the reputation as one of the most soulful DJ’s in Finland.

Thousands of hours spent in smoke-filled clubs and listening to and creating radio shows have equipped him with a keen-ear for the new and a heart for the classics. Thinking back on his musical influences, he says that there are simply too many to mention but a handful spring to mind quickly:

“Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Frankie Knuckles, Masters At Work, Osunlade, Ron Trent, Moodymann, Black Coffee and Gilles Peterson. I think Soul II Soul coined this positive vibe that I´m after really well: A happy face, a thumping bass, for a lovin´ race!”

Party people can expect Partanen to always be the first person on the dance floor. Nobody should trust DJs that can´t dance.



On stage on Thursday, August 4th

Abdissa “Mamba” Assefa has worked extensively in the music industry in Finland and internationally for the past 25 years. He has worked as a drummer and percussionist in numerous Finnish jazz and pop music constellations, such as: Timo Lassy Band, Paleface Exploding Fist, Jarmo Saari Republic, Giant Robot and NuSpirit Helsinki.

Mamba has partaken in a wide variety of different music genres and recordings; as a musician, music arranger, producer, sound engineer and as a mixer. In recent years, album productions have included the following artists and bands; Jukka Perko Streamline Quartet, MOPO, Timo Lassy Band, Pirkka Pekka Petelius, Paleface, Tommy Lindgren Metropolis, Sun Trio, Big Blue, Jukka Eskola, Jimi Tenor, among others.

A varied career in music has enriched his artistic skills and musical insights. He is one of the most booked percussionists in Finland and a specialist in his field. Mamba has also performed as a dancer with his wife Hanna Pajala-Assefa in a variety of dance and performing arts productions since 2002.

During Magnesia Festival Mamba will perform together with DJ Ais-T and bring the rhythm to a higher sphere. Expect a unique set, not seen or heard anywhere else.



On stage on Thursday, August 4th and Friday, August 5th

Oded is one of Finland’s most influential nightlife figures. As the co-founder of Misc Management, he has been a part of the so called “scene” during the past 20 years as a DJ, radio host, event producer as well as an agent. As a DJ, he is known for his wide musical taste, always keeping it elegant and sensitive. Expect a carefully selected set of moving, soothing, uplifting and high quality chill out sounds, inspired by nature, beauty, summer and the love for music.