✧✧✧  Arranged for the first time in August 2016, Magnesia Festival is the most attractive event of the summer. This year we will get together again for a two-day celebration of joyful and heartful living. The magical Lonna island offers a beautiful scene for a transformative two-day experience with yoga, meditation, creative workshops, music and dancing, sunsets and heartful people. The food experience is created by the Lonna chefs and includes fresh, organic and nourishing whole foods and drinks. Magnesia Festival is about happiness and enjoying life. ✧✧✧

"A perfect combination of yoga, music, nature and sea. Magical atmosphere feed the body and soul. I haven't seen this many smiling faces in one place in a while." - feedback 2016

Video: Balansia Films


Tickets for 2018 will be available later. Stay tuned!



Nourishing, local food is part of the festival experience.

✧✧ Food info

Magnesia Festival brings together the best Finnish yoga teachers and wellbeing facilitors, including some international stars. There are several workshops and classes offered in in English for our international and English-speaking guests. The workshops are held outside on the main stage and three beautiful indoor workshop venues.

Thursday 3.8. theme SILENCE & CLARITY

Friday 4.8. theme TRIBAL ENERGY & SYNERGY

Festival ends on Friday, 4th with the most soulful party of the summer with groovy DJs and live music. You can also enjoy live music on Thursday.