Julia is the founder of BAY Pilates & Yoga at Kanavaranta Katajanokka. She is passionate about recognising and changing movement patterns. Her teaching is influenced by these somatic approaches to create a positive and transformative movement experience.


Balance - To Remain Upright and Steady, Saturday, August 3rd, 10:30 - 12:00, Mastovaja

Balance equals stability, which requires mobility. By challenging our usual movement patterns we create mobility and stability in our spine and joints and discover the differences and harmony between the two sides of our body for more symmetry, freedom and efficiency of movement. Using breath as a tool, this workshop will be focused on the foundations of Pilates to then be able to safely let go, play with momentum, and have fun with some of the more classical Pilates exercises with a twist! This workshop is open for anyone wanting to increase their kinesthetic awareness and to understand the potential of their moving body in relation to space. No previous experience in Pilates needed. Not suitable for pregnancy.

Program track: MOVE

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