Magnesia - Heartful Island Festival is the most attractive event of the summer. In 2018, 1500 visitors got together on the island of Lonna, right outside Helsinki for a three-day celebration of joyful and heartful living. The festival includes yoga, meditation, creative workshops, music and dancing, sunsets and heartful people. The intention of Magnesia Festival is happiness and enjoying life, together, and spreading the values of heartful living - compassion, connection and mindfulness.

"The best kept wellbeing secret in Finland!" - feedback 2017

"Wonderful, magical, inspiring and warm event that gives energy and opens your inner self. Highlight of the year" - feedback 2017

"A perfect combination of yoga, music, nature and sea. Magical atmosphere feed the body and soul. I haven't seen this many smiling faces in one place in a while." - feedback 2016