Welcome to meet Magnesia Festival 2018 teachers! Click the picture in order to learn more. 

Magnesia's wellbeing program is divided into following tracks: 

MOVE: dynamic yoga classes and diverse ways to move your body
UPGRADE: lectures and workshops offering information and inspiration
TRANSFORM: deep and transformative inner work
LOVE: relaxing and slowing down
FAMILY: family program (on Sunday)
MAGNESIA PRO: for wellbeing professionals and wellbeing professional wannabes (on Friday) 

ali binazir.jpg

Ali Binazir - USA

Ali Binazir is a Happiness Engineer, Executive Speaking Consultant, and the author of "The Tao of Dating: The Smart Woman's Guide to Being Absolutely Irresistible", He holds an A.B. from Harvard College, an M.D. from UC San Diego School of Medicine, and an M.Phil. from Cambridge University. Ali is committed to helping you become the happiest, most fulfilled version of you.




The Tao of Dating: The Modern Woman's Guide to Loving and Being Loved, Saturday, August 4th, 16:00 - 18:30, Aito-makasiini AND Sunday, August 5th 10:45 - 12:00, Aito-makasiini

The 5000+ letters I've received from women readers over the past 10 years all contain the same question: "Am I enough?" In this workshop, we go beyond just trying to be enough and instead focus on how you can generate your own love and be a light for the world. In the process, we will examine who you really are, what truly fulfills you, how to find it, and how to keep it in your life. Program track: UPGRADE

Happiness Engineering: Redefining Success in an Age of Anxiety, Greed, and Self-Inflicted Misery, Saturday, August 4th, 13:00 - 13:30, Main Stage

We live in the most affluent times in the history of the world, and yet rates of depression and anxiety are at all-time highs. If we "succeeded" and still aren't happy, now what? Come find out about the 5 Pillars of Happiness so instead of chasing down the soul-draining phantoms of status, money, and power, you can design a life of long-term fulfillment and joy. Program track: UPGRADE

Amir jaan.jpg

Amir jaan - UK

Amir was classically trained in the Spiritual Art of Kundalini Yoga. Amir is now a Senior Mentor to hundreds of students having conducted in excess of 30,000 thousand classes across the world. With his vast experience he brings a reassuring calmness into any learning environment.

Amir Jaan has a gift for neutralizing the atmosphere of both the outer world and inner seascapes of attendees by sharing openheartedly his own ever-deepening experiential knowledge of Yogic science combined with the presence and confidence of knowing, qualities that can only be purchased with the currencies of time, dedicated daily practice and patience.

Amir's specialist knowledge and extensive experience in the field of Humanology make him a powerful instrument to assist those with a desire or need to approach character and health reformation, in an Organic, Safe & Self Healing Way.



The 4 Aces, Friday, August 3rd, 8:15 - 10:15, Miinamakasiini

This will be a moment to pause & reflect on the contemporary issues

arising out of the constantly evolving personal & social issues around - modern Self identity, crisis, relationships, responsibilities & routines.

The primary approach to this work will be based on aexperiential exploration of four simple but effective principles

Main Themes Under Inquiry During these Workshops will Be -

Awareness ♠️Self Authority ♥️Autonomy ♣️Authenticity ♦️

Amir’s approach to guiding his students is light and almost playful, but don’t let this confuse you. The aim is, that after this workshop will guide the participants in developing a personal & practical tool kit forestablishing a more peaceful and prosperous character.

Program track: TRANSFORM

The Only Way Out is In, Saturday, August 4th, 10:30 - 12:00, Main Stage

In this workshop Amir will discuss & share practices that illustrate the notion, that we are essentially trapped in the prism of the mind with its vast array of complex & multifaceted functions.

The Soul Adventurers - Navigating the Great Living Hall Of Mirrors.

Amir will assist participants to Gaze Deeply into their own eyes ~  the eyes of your friends, family & strangers ~ into the Heart of the Magical Floresta of Mother Nature, which includes the Mineral, Plant & Animal Kingdoms... And to Find, See & Recognise in "The Other" Your Own Smiling Reflection, right there in The Great Living Hall of Mirrors 8>~<3

Program track: TRANSFORM

The Fire Dance, Sunday, August 5th, 18:30 - 20:00 Aito-makasiini

A dynamic workshop designed from start to finish to fire up your blood, your senses and your passion for life.
Amir will infuse contemporary music with a combination of simple repetitive yogic exercises in order to get you moving in many different fun and interesting ways.This will be a seriously playful way to get out of your mind happy and at the same time to deeply connect with your breath & your body.
· The best contemporary tribal beats
· To get high as a kite on prana
· To stimulate & open all the nervous & vascular pathways to the brain
· To smile, to sing to sweat, to laugh to play & to dance until you drop and disappear in to a deep savasana
· To awaken to a new better, happier version of you.

Program track: MOVE

peter ferko.jpg

peter ferko - USA

Peter Ferko is a yogiraj (yogamaster) who has been practicing yoga and meditation for more than 30 years. With attention to breath, alignment and the elemental essences described in tantra yoga, Peter guides students to a grace and efficiency in their practice that carries over into every aspect of life.



Real Yoga, Actual Happiness, and Deep Living, Friday, August 3rd 8:15 - 10:00, Aito-makasiini

This session is a profound teaching about the nature of ourselves, yoga, and the mind. Beginning with a 30-minute satsang, Peter will share the yogic purpose and mechanism of meditation and how it influences our lives. In light-hearted, common-sense language, Peter will explain why yogis care about finding a meditative state and how the insight, creativity, and wisdom of meditation transforms life and lets us find happiness.

Then a short, basic pre-meditative asana practice will lead into a 30-minute kriya meditation suitable for all levels, but powerful at establishing the student in meditation. Program track: MAGNESIA PRO

Full-Spectrum Yoga, Saturday, August 4th 14:00 - 15:30, Miinamakasiini

While most practitioners know the word “yoga” means union, not everyone knows how to practice in a way that creates a coming together of the body, mind, and energy. Peter will lead a practice that incorporates moving the body, using the breath, concentrating the mind, and becoming aware of ourselves as energy. The practice concludes with a five-minute meditation.

This leads to the experience of the full radiance of yoga in practice. One leaves feeling whole, in body, mind, and heart. Program track: MOVE

wendy newton (1).jpg

wendy newton - USA

After studying yoga informally since age 16, Wendy was introduced to Alan Finger and ISHTA Yoga in 2001 and completed the Be Yoga ISHTA teacher training in 2004. Wendy creates a spacious and nurturing environment in her asana classes, which are strength-building while encouraging a spirit of non-competition and introspection in which the student can begin to understand the effect of the asana on the energetic system. She strives to make both the physical and meditative yogic practices accessible to all her students, including those new to yoga and those with physical or other challenges.



Communication Through Self-Reflection: Interactive Tools for Effective Space-Holding, Friday, August 3rd 18:30 - 20:00, the Yellow House

If you are a yoga teacher or work in any of the healing arts, you have most likely experienced “practitioner burnout.” We sometimes feel as if we take on our students’ burdens or are anxious that we are putting our “stuff” on our students. This session is a laboratory for discovering a yogic way of effectively and effortlessly holding space for individuals and groups with more clarity and less struggle.

The session will start with a short lecture on the three gunas — rajas, tamas, and satvas — as interactive principles of relationship, and explore what “self-reflection” means in yoga. We will then work in groups of three to develop an understanding of how to identify and and occupy the practitioner (active), recipient (receptive), and observer (neutral) roles in classes and individual sessions.

A final discussion will be moderated to introduce how to give feedback to students using the language of self-reflection. Wendy holds a safe and uplifting space for exploration, and the results are often profound. Wendy is a yoga master and senior teacher trainer at ISHTA Yoga in New York, and has been teaching the art of teaching for many years. Program track: MAGNESIA PRO

kaisa jaakkola

Kaisa Jaakkola is a Master of Science in Technology, a wellness coach, lecturer and author. Kaisa has written many popular non-fiction books about wellbeing and the impact hormones have on health. Her new book, Palaudu and vahvistu (Recover and strengthen) will be out in October 2018.



Kaisa's lecture will be held in Finnish.

meri mort.jpg

meri mort

Meri is known to be fun, loving and imaginative teacher who enjoys both the lights and the shadows of life. She keeps her yoga and meditation events experimental, and authentic. She loves to create safe and sacred space for Women. Yoga for her is an attitude to experience fully all aspects of life and path to discover creative life energy moving within us. Rest and play, breathe and be brave!


Meri's classes will be held in Finnish. 

aaro löf.jpg

aaro löf

Aaro is a well-known, compassionate spiritual growth teacher. Aaro’s sincere curiosity and passion for inquiring who we truly are has inspired him not only to lecture and write about humans and authentic spirituality, but also helped in guiding the willing on their journeys for many years. Aaros teachings have been in retreats, courses and guidance offered through Ihmisen koulu (The Humans School) where Aaro is the main instructor. Many speak of him as an old soul, always with a twinkle in his eye. Aaro has a workshop at the festival in Finnish.




Aaro's workshops will be held in Finnish.


saara rönnholm

Saara has been teaching yoga since 2009 and has studied under many leading foreign and domestic yoga teachers. Her teaching style is both thorough and observative while also intensely enthusiastic. Saara’s passion is examination of the comprehensive human health through yoga, anatomy and Ayurveda.



Saara's workshops will be held in Finnish.


inderjit kaur khalsa

Inderjit Kaur Khalsa has taught Kundalini Yoga in the United States and Finland since 2001. She is an author of Voima tie - Kundalini Yoga based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan (Tammi 2009), and Chakrapolku (Tammi 2014). The latest book Tie tasapainoon (January 2018) will be released in August. While living in the United States, Inderjit participated in the Master's Touch course organized by Yogi Bhajan in New Mexico, and completed her studies as a Kundalini Yoga teacher in 2004. Inderjit is the founder of the Kundalini Yoga School of Helsinki. In addition to teaching, she works as a film director and a screenwriter.


Indrerjit's workshop will be held in Finnish. 

matilda mannström

Matilda Mannström is a Helsinki based yoga teacher, goldsmith and jewellery designer. She was introduced to yoga in her early teens in 2007, and has been sharing her teachings since 2012. On her journey, she has met wonderful teachers wold wide, and is currently studying with Yogarupa Rod Stryker. Matilda is passionate about exploring and reflecting on the body from within. Her teaching style is slow and dynamic. Students are always mindfully guided into postures in a safe and respectful way. As a creative, and with art and design close to her heart, Matilda surrounds herself with beauty in in every-day life, which also reflects her yogic practice. Come get inspired, come enjoy the magnificence of life.



Mellow Yin + Nidra - Uncovering the Potential, Saturday, August 4th 17:30 - 19:00, Miinamakasiini

*Sacrifice what you are, for what you could become*

In this 90-minute long session, we will gently move through a mellow sequence of Yin poses. Uncovering, wondering, reflecting and letting go. At the end, you will be guided through a deep relaxation, Yoga Nidra - also known as a Yogic Sleep. It’s like sleeping with awareness - maintaining full consciousness. Moving away from time and space, from the physical body and the rational mind.

Please note: no experience needed. If you have a Sankalpa (intention/resolution) that you work with, it will be useful. Program track: LOVE


The Impermanent Flow - A Creative Sequence, Sunday, August 5th, 10:30 - 11:45, Main Stage

* There are no individual things, only ongoing processes. *

We are continuous and ever-changing. Everything is. I believe in impermanence. Seeing the joy and the beauty of not knowing what will happen next. Appreciating it. In this 75-minute-long session, we will slowly and gracefully flow through empowering postures, building strength from inside out. We will pay attention and we will listen carefully.

Come experience a deep, grounding flow filled with subtle movements and smooth transitions. Program track: MOVE

katri syvärinen.jpg

katri syvärinen

Katri Syvärinen is a wellbeing coach and RYT500h yoga teacher. She creates an amazing, magical, safe space for the practice, for everyone to come and practice as they are.



Embodied Self-love: Yin & Yang Yoga Magic, Sunday, August 5th 20:30 - 22:00, Yellow House

Self-love embodied – what does it feel like? Slow, nourishing yin & yang yoga practice brings self-love to your whole being. Also for beginners. Program track: LOVE

petri hiissa

Petri Hiissa has co-founded Campwire online course platform and Digivallankumous.fi website that enable you to effectively sell your expertise online. Petri has helped hundreds of experts to establish a successful online business and thousands of people have attended his popular online courses.

Petri’s new book Täydellinen kirja (Otava / Hidasta elämää 2018) is your personal guide in freeing yourself from perfectionism.


Petri's workshops will be held in Finnish. 

maaretta tukiainen.jpg

maaretta tukiainen

Maaretta Tukiainen is an author, a change management coach and and interior designer. She helps individuals and organizations to find their creative potential and to build fruitful collaborations.

Maaretta has written four books about self-knowledge and creativity and has another two books underway. In addition, individuals interested in self-knowledge and how to develop it can use Inspiration cards developed by Maaretta.

Maaretta is an eager blogger and instagrammer (@maaru). She has also hosted a tv-show on channel YLE TV1. Before starting her own company Maaretta was the director at tv-channel Sub.

Maaretta is inspired by new phenomena and the joy of creating something together. Her motto is: Small wonders make a big difference!



Maaretta's workshops will be held in Finnish.

Reetta Ranta.jpg

reetta ranta

Reetta Ranta is the creator of the Sauna Sisters concept; a storyteller and TV producer. Reetta’s mission is to revitalize ancient spiritual practices and rituals, and reconnect people with nature.


Sauna Sisters Healing Workshop, Saturday, August 4th, 17:00 - 20:00, Heartful Space and Lonna's sauna

This workshop is for women who want to deepen their relationship with their authentic self. The drumming meditation and healing ritual are followed by a relaxing steam in the sauna. Program track: TRANSFORM

Sauna Sisters Story Sharing Workshop, Sunday, August 5th, 14:00 - 17:00, Heartful Space and Lonna's sauna

This workshop is for women who want to learn from each other and nature. We share stories and explore magical rituals, and of course enjoy the healing steam of sauna. Program track: TRANSFORM

Please note that Sauna Sisters workshops have exceptionally pre-booking. Please book your spot in advance via e-mail reetta@poweranimalsunited.com, 15 spots / workshop available. 

eevi minkkinen

Eevi Minkkinen is a self-knowledge mentor, educator, friend, wife and mother who actively writes on her “Hidasta elämää” (Slow life) blog.

Eevi released a book in early 2018. She has both a light and an in depth side to her and believes that everything has a meaning and life will guide the way.

She finds especially humanity and a down-to-earth attitude essential. In her work she combines basic psychology and spiritual teachings in an easily approachable way.



Eevi's workshop will be held in Finnish.


timo kurvi

Timo Kurvi is a certified Iyengar Yoga and AcroYoga teacher in Helsinki, Finland. Also a professional actor, singer, dancer, he is interested in exploring the relationship between body, mind and expression, in order to find where both he and his students are at their most creative, curious, and daring.



AcroYoga Workshop, Sunday August 5th, 17:45 - 19:00, Main Stage

Learn to fly with AcroYoga! AcroYoga blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics, and the loving kindness of healing arts. These three lineages form the foundation of a practice that cultivates trust, playfulness, and community. You need no prior experience with acrobatics, massage, or yoga, just a joyful mind. Program track: MOVE


jenniemilia kauppila

Jenniemilia Kauppila, 37, is a therapist for awareness, a yoga and meditation teacher and an author. She has educated herself on different bodily methods such as mindfulness, breathing therapy and cognitive brief therapy.

During the last eight years Jenniemilia has shared her passion with many customers. She teaches and takes customers at wellness center Hyvinvoimala in Helsinki. Her book 30 Steps to Inner Power is available in English and Finnish.



Jenniemilia's workshops will be held in Finnish.


jutta niala

Jutta is a certified Finnish Vijñana yoga head teacher and the owner of Olo-Tila yoga studio.

Jutta is a professional with diverse experience in teaching yoga since 1999. She keeps updating her know-how through educational trainings yearly and internationally. Jutta also teaches special yoga groups such as a yoga for women who have experienced violence. Jutta also gives a three year, 800 hour, Vijñana yoga teacher training.



Jutta's workshops will be held in Finnish.

Sanna Yrjänheikki kuvaaja Arez Metta_.jpg

sanna yrjänheikki

Sanna is a yoga teacher, a dancer and a trained Somatic Pilates and Somatic Stretching teacher. She has completed the Shanti (250H) yoga teacher training. Sanna works as a freelance dancer and dance teacher and is a part of the Cleva dance collective. She does mainly hip hop and house dancing.

Through her work with dancing, she found yoga and pilates and has been practising both for many years now. After experiencing a major knee and shoulder injury, she found a deeper connection with both yoga and pilates and her way of moving, thinking, breathing and being was evolved. All the injuries made Sanna inspect her life from a new point of view. Sanna’s way of teaching is gentle and loving and very precise. The classes are also gentle as well as safe and Sanna looks after all students and their needs.

Sanna continued her late friend’s yoga studio, Pihasali, and has now opened up the studio in Kamppi, Helsinki (Abrahaminkatu 7).



Sanna's workshop will be held in Finnish.

magnus ja riitta appelberg.jpg

magnus and riitta appelberg

Riitta and Magnus found each other at a Rebalancing deep tissue massage training 26 years ago. The other being a quiet and shy single mother from the North and the other an extrovert dancer and bachelor from Helsinki. Separately they were complete opposites, but together they are something else, something greater.

When they met they were both learning how the combination of contiguity, breath and quiet in a joint practice can give new dimensions and meanings to life. This experience guided them to start a meditation center, develop a treatment called Aquabalancing and give inspirational lectures. Five years ago they founded  Hyvinvoimala, a wellness center for wellness professionals and a yoga studio called Rööperin Aamujooga.



Magnus' and Riitta's workshops will be held in Finnish.


lana lavanina

Lana is an experienced Ayuerveda consult and a Pranayama and yoga teacher. She also teaches Ayuerveda at the Finnish Ayurveda Association and yoga and Pranayama at the yoga school Shanti in Helsinki. Her strengths lie in combining all three in a wholesome way to further wellbeing. Her experience is vast and she has been internationally educated.



Lana's workshops will be held in Finnish.



Aino siren

Aino grew up in Finland and moved to New York in 1999 to pursue a dance career.  She included yoga as a complement to her dance training, felt a connection immediately, and has been a devoted practitioner ever since.  Aino's desire is to help you connect with the teacher within, to live your yoga everyday and every moment. She is known as a passionate, creative and kind teacher and she is particularly loved for her healing hands on adjustments. Aino is a Teacher Trainer and Mentor in the ISHTA Yoga Teacher Training in NYC and Finland, and she hosts Yoga Retreats around the world.  She is also a Raindrop Technique practitioner as well as a Reiki Master.



Open to Receive -Masterclass (Love yourself) - Yin + Reiki + Essential Oils, Friday, August 3rd 16:30 - 18:00, Aito-makasiini  

Invest in your own well being, come and receive. One of the hardest things to do is to truly receive, therefore it is a wonderful skill to develop. Let go of the unnecessary and make space for the things and people that are suppose to come into your life. It is time to step into your own power!

Aino is a Reiki Master healer and during this class Reiki energy will flow. She guides a deeply restoring Yin practice and gives hands on adjustments enhanced with the profound and transformative scent of essential oils. Program track: LOVE


kirsi salo

Kirsi Salo is a certified wellness coach, lecturer and influencer who’s work leans heavily on intuition. On her popular courses, Kirsi combines traditional life coach methods with tantric bodily and emotional exercises.

Her life’s work is to empower people to bravely enjoy their lives and at the same time understand the connection between the higher state of awareness behind it all.



Kirsi's workshops will be held in Finnish.

inka saini

Yoga has been a part of Inka’s life for over six years. Her journey with teaching started in 2016 with children yoga teacher training and RYT200- yoga teacher training. Inka teaches yoga for children at her own studio Inkan Arkki.


Inka's classes will be held in Finnish


Jutta Aalto

Jutta Aalto is an osteopath and Iyengar yoga teacher who is familiar with different types of methods for movement and therapeutical practices. She is interested in helping individuals understand how their bodies work and how they can take care of them. She teaches how body consciousness can help with better presence and deeper self-knowledge.

Jutta has taught anatomy in various yoga teacher trainings in the capital area as well as on her own courses. In spring 2018 she published the first yoga anatomy guide in Finnish (“Anatomia ja kehotietoisuus – Kokemuksellisen anatomian opas”). In addition she has a private osteopathy reception in Helsinki.


Jutta's workshop will be held in Finnish.


Elina jaatinen

Elina Jaatinen is an emotional therapist, a wellness coach and the country manager of The Journey Finland. Her passion is to enable you a spiritual space where you can connect with your inner self and core.


Elina's workshop will be held in Finnish


jani toivonen

Jani is a healer and an artist. Through sound vibrations he opens space for listeners to experience deep relaxation, healing and balance.
His focus in life is to find true simplicity in life, flow of peace and happiness, and share it to others.



Sound Healing Concert, Friday, August 3rd, 20:30 - 22:00, Yellow House AND Sunday, August 5th, 20:30 - 22:00, Aito-makasiini

Sound healing is a deep relaxation method and based on vibration. All that moves produces sound, all the vibrating forms create a sound. Everything in the universe vibrates at a particular frequency.

The instrumental overtones make the body's trillions of cells ring harmoniously , dissipating energy jams and opening the meridians. At a deeper level, the harmonic sounds produced by the instrument affect on the level of consciousness by slowing the brain masses to the alpha and theeta frequencies, which activates the body's healing energies. Program track: LOVE


henna jansson

Henna Jansson is an energetic and supportive yoga teacher from Helsinki. She  familiarized herself to yoga during her teenage years and switched competitive sports for yoga tights.

In 2010 she started teaching. Her classes are a combination of joy, playfulness and overcoming challenges. The body and mind are challenged on and off the mat.

Henna has also specialized in prenatal yoga and yoga for new mothers which means that she understands the needs of mothers in class.


Henna's class will be held in Finnish. 

premdipa ja prem.jpg


Premdipa (Virpi Melleri) is a meditation leader, massage therapist and writer. She specialises in the art of relating and emotional release and has completed the four-year Humaniversity Therapist Training and the three-year Humaniversity Encounter Training at the Humaniversity in Holland. Methods include Emotional release, Encounter and Bodywork, among others.

Prem (Zeev Meiri) is a meditation leader and business consultant. After a successful corporate career in Israel he is now using his people skills in a more therapeutic and spiritual environment. He will soon complete the four-year Humaniversity Therapist Training at the Humaniversity in Holland.


Samasati Meditation, Friday, August 3rd, 20:30 - 22:00, Aito-makasiini

This is a beautiful meditation on death, gratitude and joy of life. During the first half we will say goodbye to our loved ones and practice conscious dying. During the second half we will celebrate life. We learn to always value our life and remember to be happy to be alive! Program track: TRANSFORM

AUM Meditation, Saturday, August 4th 19:00 - 22:00, Yellow House

AUM guides you in a safe and supportive environment through 14 aspects of the human experience: hatred, forgiveness, love, stamina, life energy, chaos, dance, sadness, laughter, sensuality, chanting, silence, respect and sharing. The AUM is a Social Meditation that combines movement, role playing and vocal expression. By participating in the AUM you can experience a deep sense of aliveness, warmth, relaxation and acquire a taste for life again! AUM stands for awareness, understanding and meditation. It is one of the basic and most powerful techniques used at the Humaniversity. Program track: TRANSFORM

teemu syrjälä kuvaaja Samuel Glasser.jpg

teemu syrjälä

Teemu Syrjälä has been raised in the North, where nature, natural ways of living and love for expression has been his life’s work. The emphasis in Teemu’s studies and research is comprehensive wellbeing of humans. With dance, natural movement and inspiring people around him Teemu assists with connecting your body, mind, sexuality and soul; with compassion and tolerance. At the moment Teemu’s days are filled with lectures, workshops, promoting his book and organising events.



Teemu's workshops will be held in Finnish. 



Lifted is a team of sport coaches who aim to free your full potential.  In their trainings, Lifted focuses on the individual as a whole and seeks to improve all aspects such as nutrition, movement, thinking processes and mindfulness.

Lifted coaches both individuals and corporate organizations. Our most popular services are our effective online coaching classes and exciting live events. Get inspired, get Lifted!


Lifted's workshops will be held in Finnish. 



Markus Frey is an art therapist, visual designer and artist. He has graduated from Inartes Institute, an institute for Expressive Arts Therapy.

He has combined art therapy with Yoga Nidra and Kendo, japanese fencing. He holds a 7th dan Kyoshi in Kendo.

Markus' workshop will be held in Finnish. 

Jaakko Halmetoja.banneri (1).jpg


Jaakko Halmetoja is a nutritional expert and an author, who is known for being a pioneer for phenomena such as superfoods and biohacking and our domestic wildfoods.

During the last decade Jaakko has made different new foods, their health benefits and ways of utilizing them familiar to the population through numerous tv and radio shows and about 100 lectures yearly.

Jaakko is also an entrepreneur and has founded cafes that are specialized in extremely healthy treats. He also acts as an advisor for Finnish and international businesses in the health industry.



Jaakko's workshops will be held in Finnish. 


kylli kukk

Kylli Kukk is a physiotherapist, yoga teacher ja the owner gf Yoga School Shanti, based in Töölö. She has done visionary work with yoga and inspired many to transform their lives. She teaches various styles of yoga through pure joy and encourages everyone to bravely who they are.


Kylli's classes will be held in Finnish.


Anna gordh Humlesjö - SWE

For Anna the practice of yoga is a platform for social action. Based in Stockholm she is a dedicated practitioner of yoga, dance and meditation over the last 20 years, teaching retreats around the world at www.mindfulreteat.se. She holds a BA in cognitive neuroscience with focus on mindfulness and compassion, and has studied for many of the pioners of modern yoga including Shiva Rea and Michael Stone. As a member of team Yogobe, she is among Swedens most influential teachers today.

” The most important thing is that we practice together and see ourselves in eachother. Then we can be the change breath by breath”.

HEART FLOW, Saturday, August 4th, 18:30 - 20:00, Aito-makasiini

What is of deepest value in your life? Join us to practice compassion towards ourselves and one another by simply taking time to realize and feel how valuable we are. This is a juicy and slow vinyasa class, where we take time to find our deepest strengths, culminating in relaxing movements of deep myofacial relaxation and yin yoga. This space will recharge your heart and energy level and you may feel like dancing all night and/or making the world a better place. The practice is daring to choose love over and over again. Program track: LOVE

COMPASSION FLOW, Sunday, August 5th 9:15 - 10:30, Aito-makasiini

To live openheartedly, we need a strong back. In this creative free flowing vinyasa  class, we explore how the power of compassion can change our lives and our world while we celebrate the joy of movement. The practice of self-compassion teaches us to be our own best friend. By really smart core stability techniques we practice strengthening and releasing the posterior chain of muscles and connective tissue in our back body. Then we can rest in our core power and find resources to open our hearts with ease. Are you ready for love? Program track: LOVE

Yoga Dance Can Set You Free Flow, Sunday, August 5th,  16:00 - 17:15, Main Stage

Let your body move like water. In this unique and free flowing yoga and dance celebration we give in to the joy of movement to awesome beats. The wisdom of how rythm sets us free is inherent in our DNA. Our bodys love to move when we let go of judgement and reconnect with the creative spark of being alive togehter like one beating heart. Are you ready to ignite your power? Welcome to the party. Program track: MOVE



Milla is a girl who once ran away with the circus. Today she’s retired aerial acrobat who is totally in love with teaching yoga.  Her performance years combined with her education in yoga and anatomy is the foundation where from her skills and knowhow about fluid movement and creative transitions in vinyasa flow have grown from. In Milla’s classes you´ll get to dance with your breath in a way that is not only pretty to look at but it also feels really good in the body.

The Ribcage Flow, Friday, August 3rd 15:00 - 16:15, Main Stage

Your ribcage is not  a rigid container. It has the ability to expand, contract, twist, turn and  FLOW with your spine and breathing. This class invites you to DANCE with your ribs! Program track: MOVE

Wake Up, Saturday, August 4th, 8:15 - 10:00, Miinamakasiini

Have a light breakfast and join Milla for some nice juicy fluid movements combined with dynamic partner asana and basic acro yoga to get the body going and the mind sharp and alert. Program track: MOVE

Thaimassage Leg Flow, Saturday, August 4th, 15:45 - 17:15, Miinamakasiini

Learn an effective massageflow for the legs that will drain your lower body from fatigue and get you ready for a night of dancing or good night sleep. Program track: LOVE


KAISA Liukko

Kaisa is a mathematician, a NLP Master practitioner and a yogi, who combines logical thinking to a tremendous amount of creativity. Kaisa is excited about painting, mandalas, yoga, green juices and guiding people. If the moment is right when you look at Kaisa, you might see a bit of fairy dust around her.


Kaisa's workshops will be held in Finnish. 

Kaisa Kärkkäinen.jpg

Kaisa Kärkkäinen

Kaisa Kärkkäinen is a wellness industry professional who teaches yoga and trains Heartful Yoga teachers. She also coaches the staff of companies that are going through transitions of any kind.

Kaisa is one of the founders of Magnesia Festival.



Kaisa's classes will be held in Finnish. 

Jasmin Koistinen Magnesia.jpg

Jasmin Koistinen

Jasmin teaches different styles of yoga, hatha, yin and ashtanga, as well as mindfulness and meditation both in corporations and yoga schools. Jasmin is also the owner of a small yoga studio, where she teaches individuals and small groups. At the moment, Jasmin studies yoga therapy.



Jasmin's class will be held in Finnish. 



Mari Rasimus is one of the founders of Magnesia Festival. She is also a mindfulness coach and a facilitator for Inner Guidance. The intuitive method of Inner Guidance had helped Mari to achieve multiple realizations and epiphanies and has fast tracked her journey towards a more aware, light, joyful and light way of living.


Iituli Aalto is a yoga teacher and bodywork therapist as well as one of the first Inner Guidance and Inner Dance facilitators in Finland. Her passion is to share with others the journey towards this intuitive, truthful and real way of being where one does not need to live in contradiction to others or his/herself.



Mari's and Iituli's workshop will be held in Finnish. 


Noora Shingler

Noora Shingler is a journalist and producer from Helsinki. She is the editor in chief for a media called Kemikaalicocktail.

In addition Shingler produces an internet series about wild foods called VILLD and a podcast show called Ruokakupla with her partner, chef Ossi Paloneva.

Shingler also designs her own natural cosmetics and has a Mádara product family named after her. She has published a book and works with different development projects that deal with either cosmetics or food.



Noora's lecture will be held in Finnish. 


inka pitkänen

Inka is a Helsinki based yoga and pilates instructor and has a degree in sports. Yoga first came to her life to help her balance equestrian sports, to create more flexibility and to help her concentrate. Inka has a bachelors degree in sports, majoring in high performance sports. She’s interested in how yoga can benefit athletes. Inka tries to challenge her students in every class, as improvement will come when you dare to try, wonder and push your limits.



Inka's workshop will be held in Finnish.

Clare gates-sjöblom

Clare is a lifelong learner, enthusiast and somatic explorer with British-Karelian roots. She has over 1000 hours of Yin Yoga studies with Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers,  continuing annually. Clare holds a Yoga Therapist advanced degree and numerous other training related to the field of yoga.

Clare is highly trained in Chinese Medicine and completing her master's degree in the subject by 2020.  As a teacher, Clare focuses on functional anatomy, mindfulness and being gentle. Everything she has learned has shaped into a learning journey called Chi Therapeutics. Chi Therapeutics - Learning Lab provides professional training in Yin Yoga foundations, Seasonal Yin Advanced skills or Yoga Therapy.



karoliina valontaival

Karoliina has been dancing 5Rhythms® for over 10 years. Dance has brought an abundance of joy and insight, it has helped her through challenges and revolutionized the way she sees her body.

Karoliina shares her passion towards this sport and has organized international workshops in Finland for five yeards and has held weekly classes for 1,5 years now. This year she will be graduating as the first certified 5Rhythms®  teacher in Finland. In addition she is a Iyengar yoga teacher and teaches about the environment.



katti meu

Katja-Maria ”Katti Meu” Taavitsainen is a dancer, choreographer and musician. She graduated as a Master of Dance in 2010 and has since then worked as a dancer, choreographer, performer as well as with music in Finland, around Europe and Asia.

She studied yoga and other methods in Berlin, Singapore and Bali. She completed her Air yoga teacher training (RYTT) at ULU YOGA studio in Koh Phangan, Thailand. She teaches various experimental forms of yoga such as rap yoga and UG yoga in Finland since 2016. Now she is working full time on her debut album and teaching different workshops in Finland and around the world.

Katti's workshops will be held in Finnish.





tiina mankki

Tiina Mankki is a dance pedagogue, shiatsu therapist and an experienced yoga teacher and trainer and co-founder of Yoga Base Helsinki. In her teachings authenticity, creativity, togetherness and vitality are some key-words. The therapeutic aspect of yoga, traditional Chinese medicine, aromatherapy and hands on-assistance are as well present themes. She gives sweaty, variable and creative flow and soothing yin classes. Tiina did her 500-hour teacher training in guidance of Tanya Popovich (Hima Happiness 2017).



Tiina's workshop will be held in Finnish. 


elisa kuuttila

Elisa's workshops will be held in Finnish. 


esmeralda soul

Esmeralda Soul is an intuitive gemstone artist and the queen of singing bowls. She has been working with alternative healing methods for a long time with a driver of making people’s souls shine with healing sounds and gems.


Esmeralda's workshop will be held in Finnish. 



Kirsi Tikka

Kirsi Tikka graduated originally as a ballet dancer and is now a yoga teacher and a coach (RYT500, ERYT200), co-owner of Yoga Base Helsinki and an Ayurvedic massage therapist. You’ll find that her classes are present with the powerful bond between the breath and the movement of the body. Whether the class is grounding or uplifting by nature, she wants to create an atmosphere of safety and being resent in the moment.   Kirsi is a creative and innovative teacher who is always looking to get inspired by different cultures, new people, books, colors, food, and music.



Kirsi's workshop will be held in Finnish. 



antti sipinen

Antti Sipinen is a Yoga Teacher and also an Instructor for Suomen Joogaliitto. He’s been teaching yoga for over 20 years in Espoo and Helsinki. On top of yoga Antti is a long term practitioner of Zazen. Antti is the Founder and Executive Producer of Joogafestival Helsinki.



mariela sarkima

Mariela Sarkima is an ambassador for a permissive and wholesome wellness. For 20 years, she has worked in the beauty industry as a makeup artist and hairdresser and has produced many videos about beauty as well as events. Mariela teaches Kundalini yoga and offers also massage and relaxing singing bowl treatments. At the moment she is studying the Yoga of Dance, to become a teacher of the Shakti Dance.

"A good feeling and happiness go hand in hand with beauty. We can draw energy from the resources of womanhood within us. It can help us to feel better in daily life and radiate positive energy all around us."


Mariela's workshops will be held in Finnish.


hanna poikonen

Hanna Poikonen left Finland because of dance, science and curiosity. Now she lives in Barcelona where se is fascinated by contemporary dance which combines elements from Northern Europe and America to Southern Europe and Latin America. She started dancing streetdance and progressed through modern dance to contemporary. She studied in New York (Gibney Dance, Movement Research), Barcelona (La Caldera, Institut del Teatre) and Berling (Marameo). She has also familiarised herself with kung fu, chi, buto and somatic ways.

In addition to dance and science Hanna enjoys time with her family and friends and cultural experiences as well as good food, adventures and every form of nature from the tropics to arctics.



Rauli Pitkänen is multitalented in oriental medicine and as an osteopath, he has a deep understanding of body functions and structure. Pitkänen strives for comprehensive wellbeing in natural ways, considering body, emotions, and mind as one entirety. Firm and professional know-how wells from the Eastern culture and therapy traditions combined with the western knowledge of human being. Come and be encountered just as you are and together we’ll find your health!

Rauli's workshop is held in Finnish.