Tertti is a young pioneer driving to develop tea culture further in Finland. Founder of Suvanne and other tea projects with years of experience holding tea events ranging from visits to the jungles of Laos to children’s events in Helsinki. He is devoted to teach tea as a way of life to battle the stress in these hectic times.

Ville: “Following the path of tea has brought so many good things to my life: friends, insights, love for nature, and a desire to heal the world. For me, serving tea is a way of sharing my meditative mind and bringing more sense of connection to our lives.”

Bea has always found great excuses to relax and concentrate on the surrounding beauty. Tea provided her with means to share beauty and connection without words or complicated practice

Tea ceremony Friday, August 5th, 15.30 - 17.00, Miinamakasiini 2 (in English)

Our goal in the tea ceremony is to offer to the guest an unique, deeply peaceful and profound experience with a powerful organic tea. We use 20 years or older pu’er tea or tea from old ancient trees in our ceremonies. With the simple action of drinking tea in silence we bring our guests to a relaxed yet awake state of mind. Sometimes a strong tea experience can release emotional trauma. 


Katri Syvärinen

Katri Syvärinen, 38, is a mental wellbeing coach and a RYT 200h yoga instructor, former journalist and over-achiever and nowadays a spontaneous life lover. Her passion is to help people free themselves from their limiting beliefs so that everyone can bring out their true selves and live from the heart. Katri studies the Embodied Flow yoga approach under Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons. At Magnesia festival Katri has two workshops in Finnish.


Hima Happiness: Keiju Vihreäsalo & Laura Janger-Laitio

Keiju Vihreäsalo holds a PhD in Political Science, is a former researcher, practices as a spiritual coach and is one of the founders of the HIMA Happiness concept. She is an author, speaker and educator exploring the themes of changemaking, self-awareness and life combined with her own experiences towards a more theoretical approach.

Laura Janger-Laitio is a spiritual coach, occupational therapist, and the second co-founder and mother of the HIMA Happiness concept. Laura approaches life with passion and knows how to find security and happiness within.

At the festival, Keiju and Laura will lead a main stage speech about vulnerability and happiness (in Finnish), and Laura will facilitate Hima Happiness yoga (in Finnish).


Pihasali: Meri Mort

Yoga Instructor and Illustrator Meri Mort guides you to find freedom and creativity on your own authentic path. The core of the lessons is to explore the internal world, to breath in wide dimensions and to activate the imagination. Meri teaches and organizes many different yoga experiences, meditations, events and workshops. Breathe, be brave & create!

Free Movement, August 4th 18.30 - 20.00, main stage (in English)

With Free Movement we are connecting to the endless source of joy and inspiration inside of us! There's no choreography or dance routine. We will shake and swirl, tune into every joint and muscle. Come for releasing the old and gathering new energy through diverse movements. In the end a deep relaxation will set your body in tune with the magic of summer night.


Pihasali: Hanna Ruax

Hanna experienced the miracles of yoga already in her mother’s womb, while Kirsi-mama was singing long and peaceful mantra’s of OM to calm her lively daughter. However, it was only until her twenties that Hanna reached out to yoga to solve her back problems and migraines. Hanna felt that medical drugs were not our last resort, and wanted to find other solutions. With Kirsi’s guidance her daughter found herself at a Slow Yoga course guided by Janne Kontala, which resulted in her path to yoga and entrepreneurship. Later, Hanna found an interest in the healing powers of mantras and graduated as a chanting teacher. Pihasali moved into a new decade when Hanna purchased her mother’s creation in the summer of 2012.

Hanna hosts to workshops at the festival, in Finnish: reggae yoga and healing sound.


Matilda Mannström

Matilda Mannström is a young and passionate Scandinavian yoga teacher. She has a creative mind, and is eager to explore new things. Matilda has a background in Ashtanga Yoga, but became a certificated RYT200-Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher in early 2013. With her lovely community, she has turned yoga into something soft and delicate, emotional and humble. Matilda is based in Helsinki, but has been living and teaching yoga in Hong Kong and Stockholm.

Dynamic Flow, August 5th 10.30 - 11.45, Miinamakasiini 2 (in English)

*We manifest, then disappear.

Thousands upon thousands of times.

It's a game of hide and seek.*


This class is all about transitions. Moving from the skin, peeling off layers of sensations, bathing your inner organs. Slow will make you strong.


 YIN & YANG, August 4th 20.00 - 21.15, Miinamakasiini 2

* It’s impossible for anything

to come from nothing.

You did not come from nothing. *

Let go of concepts and ideas. The more freedom you have, the more happiness you have. This class is all about slowing down and moving in the present moment. Mindfulness is not an escape.




Hyvinvoimala: jenniemilia Kauppila

Jenniemilia Kauppila, 35, is a professional wellbeing coach, therapist and a yoga teacher. She has been educating herself in different fields of body focused therapies such as mindfulness, breathing therapy and cognitive psychotherapy. During the past 6 years she has been sharing her passion with others by coaching and counselling groups and individuals. A passionate yoga student for more than 15 years, Jenniemilia now also runs a successful yoga studio together with her parents in Helsinki, Finland. Her guide book, titled 30 Steps to Inner Power, is available in Finnish and English. For more information visit

At the festival, you will see Jenniemilia guiding a meditation at the main stage and a workshop, both in Finnish.


Eevi ja Sami minkkinen

Eevi is a being of depth and lightness. She loves to ponder the depths of life, but also knows how to laugh at herself and not take life too seriously. Eevi doesn’t believe that a relationship should be an easy stroll in the park, instead one of its roles is to encourage us to grow and find our own truth. Curiously enough, we often choose partners who reflect ourselves so much so, that it is often hard to look at. Eevi encourages us to look first and foremost, within ourselves.

Sami is a former TV hypnotist and NLP coach, who embarked on a journey to become a kundalini yoga teacher. There would be story enough in that, and with Sami’s compassionate thoughts on life, you may find your true being and gain new perspectives.

Eevi and Sami will co-host a relationship workshopat the festival, and in addition, Eevi will teach a vulnerability workshop, both in Finnish.


Biohackers: Teemu Arina & Jaakko Halmetoja

Teemu Arina is a serial entrepreneur in the tech-scene, prominent speaker and Finland’s best known biohacker, who does about 100 performances a year. He is well acquainted in the relationship between man and machine. He has been awarded the Leonardo science Award by the European Union and UNESCO.

Jaakko Halmetoja is a food expert, science author, popular lecturer and lifestyle entrepreneur. He functions as a developer of food products in the startup industry and holds approximately 150 speaking engagements annually.

(Unlike previously announced, MD Olli Sovijärvi is not able to host the workshop)

Upgrade Yourself With Biohacking, Friday August 5th 18.30 - 20.00, Miinamakasiini 1 (in English)

In this workshop we combine nature with technology. Biohacking is the art of optimizing one's performance, well-being and health by utilizing biological and technological methods.


nature's power herbs: Kaisa vermasheinä

Kaisa Vermasheinä is a wild herb and natural products expert. She organizes courses and workshops about using nature’s wild products in cooking, in health products and in DIY natural cosmetics. Kaisa has published a book about making natural cosmetics (Lempeää kauneutta luonnosta, 2016) and she writes a blog at



Lifted is a team of coaches, aiming to release the full potential of their participants.  The Lifted method is founded on a holistic approach, focusing on nutrition, movement, our inner thought processes and mindfulness as tools for development. We offer training programs to both individuals as well as companies, and our most popular services are our efficient online based training programs and our live events. Get inspired, get Lifted!

Lifted helds two bodyweight trainings at the festival in addition to a dietary lecture, in Finnish.


Rööperin aamujooga: Magnus Appelberg

Magnus Appelberg has been teaching Ashtanga yoga full time since 2003. He is running Rööperin Aamujooga in Helsinki with Ashtanga teaching every weekday morning. He is also touring around in Scandinavia, Estonia and Poland giving workshops. He is specialized in combining his anatomical knowledge from deep tissue massage with Ashtanga yoga. At the festival Magnus has a workshop  concentrating on bandhas in Finnish.


Kirsi salo

Kirsi Salo is a certified Life Coach and has studied tantra with many of Osho’s trained teachers such as Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita.

Kirsi will lead two workshops at the festival, both in Finnish.



Markus Frey

Markus Frey is a graphic designer and teacher of art therapy groups.

He has combined art therapy methods with Yoga Nidra and kendo, japanese fencing. He holds  a 7th dan Kyoshi in kendo. At the festival, Markus will be leading an art therapy workshop in Finnish.


Anna-Maria Sinisalo

Anna-Maria Sinisalo is a RYT200 yoga and mindfulness meditation teacher and the proud owner of Pieni Hiljaisuus (Little Silence) yoga and meditation studio in Helsinki. Her own journey with yoga and meditation started a little over fifteen years ago. Yoga and meditation have given her possibilities and opportunities to slow down, stop, turn inwards and self heal. In her teaching she focuses on individuality, personality traits and personal journeys. Listening to oneself, opening one’s mind and giving the practice meaning in spirituality, are all close to her heart. “Through my own practice, I have learned to see myself and the world more truthfully and more wonderful than I could have ever imagined. " More information: and

Anna-Maria will guide a sunset meditation at the festival, in Finnish.




Teija graduated from the Amsterdam Theatre Academy in the year 2001 having completed the dance program. While studying dance and yoga, Teija toured around Europe with an improvisation group. Upon returning to Finland, she continued to work with the body following various techniques (e.g. Body-mind centering, somatics and Feldenkrais), she also completed a training in STOTT Pilates. For the past 10 years, she has instructed pilates in smaller groups and private classes, as well as hosted various courses on the awareness of the body. The importance of presence and letting go of the need to perform and execute are central in all her classes, be it dance, pilates or any type of body work. Teija has a mindful movement workshop at the festival in Finnish.


Aleksi litovaara

Aleksi Litovaara is a mindfulness-instructor, business coach (ACC), supervisor (STOry) and International Keynote Speaker helping groups, teams and individuals unleash their full potential to succeed in reaching their goals. His strengths in coaching have a holistic approach with special focus in stress reduction, resources, strengths, beliefs, success and optimal performance. He is also a former TV-host and world-cup winner in snowboarding.

Aleksi's Magnesia workshop is called "introduction to mindfulness" and it will be held in Finnish.


Pranama: Inka Pitkänen ja Elisa Kuuttila

Inka’s love for yoga was developed already in primary school through her Ashtanga practicing parents. Yoga was present throughout her life alongside horseback riding and balancing everything with teenage turmoil. Having experienced physical injuries, Inka became interested in learning and understanding about the human body and completed a RYT 200 yoga course in the Spring of 2013. As the ever-changing body and yoga are infinite subjects of study, Inka is continuously training and developing herself, with teachers such as Meghan Currie, Ray Long and Jarno Härkönen. On top of this, she is completing her training to be a physical education teacher at Vierumäki (AMK) and taking a course in sports medicine. Inka instructs her classes influenced by her own experiences, her understanding of the body and through the help of the breath. Yoga is a means to immerse yourself into the body, mind and the ever-changing moment.

Elisa is one of the graduates from Satu Tuomela’s first RYT 200 teachers training, and has since mainly taught classes in Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga. In addition to this, she has completed a SUP Yoga teachers training in the U.S and is a certified Aerial Yoga teacher. Elisa loves to pick and choose the best sides of different yoga styles and find new elements to complement each class. She emphasizes the importance of presence and listening to your own unique body and through this finding answers: which is also the theme in her own practice. The most important thing on the mat is to listen to your body and what it has to share with you each and every day.

Inka and Elisa have a backbend-workshop at the festival in Finnish.


Aaro Löf

Aaro is a well-known, compassionate spiritual growth teacher. Aaro’s sincere curiosity and passion for inquiring who we truly are has inspired him not only to lecture and write about humans and authentic spirituality, but also helped in guiding the willing on their journeys for many years. Aaros teachings have been in retreats, courses and guidance offered through Ihmisen koulu (The Humans School) where Aaro is the main instructor. Many speak of him as an old soul, always with a twinkle in his eye. Aaro has a workshop at the festival in Finnish.


Nina Ruotsalainen

Nina Ruotsalainen is a RYT 200 certified Flow and Yin Yoga-teacher, who loves Nick Cave almost as much as yoga. Nina prefers teaching outdoors, and will be guiding classes during the Summer of 2016 at Rupla in Kallio, at Mothership of Work and the common workspace Bruno.

Yin, yang & Nick Cave, Thursday, August 4th, 12.00 - 13.30, Miinamakasiini 1 (in English)

The Nick Cave-yoga mornings began at Rupla, and are now brought to the Magnesia Festival in a yin + yang yoga form with a soundtrack of dark vibes. The focus of this class will be on hip opening asanas, all levels welcome. The length of the class is 90 minutes, held in English.


Kaisa Kärkkäinen AND Mari Rasimus

Kaisa Kärkkäinen, first of all is a radiant, warm individual who is full of heart.  She will touch your life with her sense of humor, light and and her ability to really see you and listen.  She is a true wellbeing multitalent: yoga teacher, teacher trainer and wellbeing coach.

Kaisa has a wide spread network and a gift of connecting people within this community she has created to share knowledge, fun and experience. Kaisa is one of the key organizers of Magnesia Festival.

Mari Rasimus is a media professional and a mindfulness coach who is spontaneous and has high energy and charisma. If she doesn’t get your full attention with her warm contagious smile, then for sure she will with her ability to bring you together with others, she has a gift for this.  She is passionate about developing the Finnish wellbeing scene with her media and marketing skills in order to reach bigger audiences to spread the light.  Mari is one of the key organizers of Magnesia Festival.

Kaisa and Mari are opening the festival at the main stage with a soft yoga, meditation and opening ceremony in Finnish.


Hanna-Mari Nieminen

Yoga has been an essential part of yoga teacher and doula Hanna-Mari Nieminen’s life for more than 12 years. Practise begun from astanga but her first pregnancy led “Hami” to slow and exploring yoga, and she became a student of Malla Rautaparta. Hami’s path led to yoga teacher training and doula course, and to study with multiple teachers and thereäs still no end to be seen for learning. Hami is a mother of 3 who has practiced yoga through pregnancies, deliveries and the baby years. So she has expertise in this area of yoga and her workshop at Magnesia is about yoga during pregnancy, delivery and post delivery, in Finnish. You can read more about Hami from her site.


Shanti: Kylli Kukk

Kylli Kukk is a physiotherapist, yoga teacher and the owner of the Yoga School Shanti, based in Töölö. She has done visionary work within yoga and inspired many to transform their lives. She teaches various styles of yoga through pure joy and encourages us to bravely own who we are. 

At the festival, Kylli leads two Shanti Yoga workshops in Finnish.



Nina leskinen

Yoga entered Nina’s life in 2007 and the allowing atmosphere made a lasting impression. Nina has graduated from RYT200 teacher training in 2013. In her classes she has intention of creating an atmosphere where anyone can find the courage to drop into the flow safely and with a full heart. Nina is anatomically attentive and guides students with great detail in anatomy. For Nina yoga also means accepting vulnerability, opening up to new opportunities and responding with yes more often than with no. Nina has a Fundamental asana and anatomy workshop at the festival, in Finnish.


Elisabeth Ehrnrooth

Since Elisabeth’s childhood, music has been her way of dealing with the surrounding world, emotional states, as well as a means for connecting with others and herself.  An enthusiasm in composing her own music began at a young age and her first professional performance was at the age of 12, when she lent her voice to the main character in the movie Helmiä & Sikoja (Pearls and Pigs).

Today Elisabeth is still composing and writing her own music and lyrics, and performs them with an acoustic and ambient inspired band. The crowd can feel the presence and the healing powers of her music under their skin. Elisabeth’s music is inspired by film music and modern pop/folk.  She performs songs written both in English as well as Finnish, and is without a doubt one of Finland’s most promising and interesting artists. Besides playing gigs in Helsinki, Elisabeth is recording her first EP this summer in Iceland.

During the Magnesia Festival, Elisabeth will also be hosting a workshop in voice therapy, where she invites participants to experience the power of the voice as a channel to well-being.

For news and updates on Elisabeth, follow her on


VOICE HEALING - Feel, accept, release, Friday 5th August 20.00 - 21.30, Keltainen talo (in English)

Dealing with strong emotions and self-acceptance are two of the main reasons why singer-songwriter Elisabeth started sharing her “VoiceHealing”-tool with people.  

“I understood that singing with an accepting and self-loving environment is a self healing act for most of us humans. The focus is fully on accepting what you hear and not trying to change the self or the voice.”

At this workshop we will work with the self through our own voices. Exercises will be done together and in pairs. I invite people to go deep into themselves, bring the whole version of themselves to the table, nothing more and nothing less. Just as you are. With simple but deep voice-exercises we will get in touch with the parts of ourselves and the emotions that might have been locked up, bring them to surface and by accepting them, we will let go of them. 

Music is a healing tool. Has been and will always be. And it is every persons right to use it. I’m just here to help people acknowledge the existence of that tool. 

Virpi Melleri.jpg

Humaniversity: Virpi Melleri ja Vigy FUglsang

Virpi Melleri (FIN) is a writer-journalist with a focus on wellbeing, massage therapy and meditation. She has studied body therapy and communication skills at Humaniversity in Holland for more than six years and is now training to become a therapist. Virpi has written two books with yoga teacher Kyll Kukk. Her next book Satu Silvo & Silvoplee will be out in August.

Vigy Fuglsang (DK) is a psychotherapist, organisational consultant, coach, and meditation leader. He has been studying and teaching mediation at the Osho International Meditation Resor India, Pune. Later on he participated in a one year intensive training at Humaniversity in Holland. Vigy also makes use of primal therapy in his work.


AUM meditation, Thursday, August 4th, 17.30 - 20.30, Miinamakasiini 2 (in English)

This two-hour meditation guides you in a safe and supportive environment through 14 aspects of the human experience: hatred, forgiveness, love, stamina, life energy, chaos, dance, sadness, laughter, sensuality, chanting, silence, respect and sharing.

The AUM is a Social Meditation that combines movement, role playing and vocal expression. By participating in the AUM you have a chance to experience a deep sense of vitality, warmth, relaxation and acquire a taste for life again!

AUM stands for awareness, understanding and meditation. It is one of the basic and most powerful techniques used at the Humaniversity. More info on


Joogastudio Oulu: Matti Pääaho

Matti Pääaho, who is from from north of Finland, the city of Oulu to be more precise, has moved through his whole life and has been teaching others with a smile for more than 13 years already. Matti was drawn towards meditation and esoteric practices already as a teenager. Transition from teaching dance to teaching yoga took place while he was on a one-year long journey. On this journey Matti dived even deeper into yoga and other spiritual practices in Northern Thailand, Bali and India. In India he participated in a yoga teacher training (RYT500) at the Mysore Yoga India -school and trained with Bharath Shetty. Matti works with the the traditional, strong hatha yoga.

In teaching yoga Matti highlights above all a very precise alignment technique, the health benefits, safety and making use of the natural bodily responses. Matti’s extensive teaching background, the down to earth way of being and the positive attitude make his classes very special. At Magnesia Matti has a Happy Hips Flow workshop. Read more at Joogastudio Oulu


STUdio Yin: Anna Olkinuora

Anna Olkinuora begun yoga almost as by coincidence, just to relax with the hectic performing arts studies. As she finished her studies she continued to a traditional hatha yoga teacher training at Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana ashram (200hrs). After having taught yoga for one year in England Anna decided to move to India to deepen her studies. She stayed in India for a longer period as she found her guru there. In 2014 Anna continued in a vinyasa-based RYT300 program to deepen her yoga teacher studies in Aayana Yoga Academy, Bangalore. Besides London and Bangalore Anna has taught in Mysore and Kathmandu. She returned to Finland in 2015 and is now balancing between her two loves, yoga and theatre. Anna has an asana workshop at the festival with focus on elements and chakras, in Finnish.



Nicole’s fascination for the human body began at an early age when she was introduced to ballet and through the years progressed to other forms of dance. She was drawn to the unlimited possibilities a body could move and the healing that these movements brought. Yoga complimented this curiosity and attraction to the human body. Nicole began her yoga journey in 2011. Her practice provided the internal peace and physical strength she needed in her nursing career. She focused on Ashtanga then later explored the other dynamic styles of yoga. Deciding to take it to heart, she began teaching in studios in the Philippines and not long after opened her own neighborhood studio in Manila. In 2015, she received her certification in Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy with emphasis on Sivananda Yoga and received additional training from Jon Fellman in Thai Yoga Massage.

Asana workshop - peaceful and meditative, Thursday, August 4th, 18.00 - 19.15, keltainen talo (in English)

Studio Yin Asana workshop intro. Asanas strenghten and strech the body - but what else do they do? In this workshop we’ll do preparatory practice and asana variations.



Riikka Pihlanto

Riikka practices tibetan buddhism and has a long background in teaching Astanga yoga. Riikka’s path with yoga begun already in the beginning of the 90’s and it has evolved to practicing tibetan buddhism and different styles of yoga. Love to music is essential part of her life as well. Harri Väyrynen, the singer/songwriter of Club Merano, will provide the music for Riikka's meditation workshop.



Jeremy is a 27-year-old writer and consciousness researcher from Inari, Lapland. He has a deep background of meditation and consciousness studies of many philosophical and spiritual traditions. Jeremy has just finished his first book Tie Sisäiseen Ihmisyyteen, which will be published in September by Viisas Elämä Oy. In his book, Jeremy guides the reader to get to know his own mind, thoughts and emotions, as well as his whole life. Jeremy's way of teaching is based on direct experience and starting from the individual perspective.

Jeremy's workshop at Magnesia Festival is sponsored by Viisas Elämä. It is held in Finnish.