Nita Arpiainen

Nita Arpiainen is a holistic coach, actor and the founder at Actors Academy Finland. Nita’s passion is to help others connect deeper, more authenticly and freely with themselves and others.

Me and the environment - and how to step into a more authentic presence, Saturday, August 3rd, 16:30 - 18:00, Mastovaja

Are you craving a more truthful and authentic connection with yourself and others? Since childhood we have learnt to turn our backs to our feelings. In this workshop we will get to know our truer selves, our emotions and the power of authentic contact through applied Meisner acting technique and other inspiring exercises. In group and pair working, we will learn to trust our feelings and intuition, lean into authentic self-expression and strenghten our courage to be our honest selves in front of others. Vulnerability can become our most powerful way to our freedom and strenght. Come as you are. You are enough.

Program track: TRANSFORM