Meri is known to be fun, loving and imaginative teacher who enjoys both the lights and the shadows of life. She keeps her yoga and meditation events experimental and authentic. Meditative movement for her is an attitude to experience fully all aspects of life and path to discover creative life energy moving within us. She is also an illustrator and author. Rest and play, breathe and be brave!

YOGA OF FREEDOM – PachaMama, Sunday August 4th, 15:15 - 16:45, Upseerikerhon juhlasali

Through connecting with Mother Earth, our yoga becomes effortless interplay between sky and ground. Discovering this connection is an endless joy! Our time together will be spent opening our magical feet, feeling the spine and becoming friends with the gravity.

This class is suited also for beginners. There is no such thing as an advanced yogi, there is no competition or goals. Yoga is the path to the realization that You are already perfect just the way you are. Come and have a grounding rest.

Program track: LOVE

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