leta lavigne

Leta LaVigne (ERYT-500) is the yoga facilitator and teacher trainer who is the founder of yogaROCKS studios in Lahti. Leta follows the functional approach of her teacher Paul Grilley. She is known for crafting intuitive yin/yang classes that draw awareness through the body to the subtle breath and inner landscape.


Skeletal Variation & The Functional Approach to Yoga, Friday, August 2nd, 12:15 - 14:00, Upseerikerhon biljardihuone

Gain insight into the human body with this workshop based on the teachings of Paul Grilley. Explore just how different our bony structures are from one another, and learn why this is relevant to the way we teach and practice asana. This workshop includes lecture, hands-on anatomical exploration, and yin yoga practice guided from the functional perspective. It is for everyone interested in learning more about yin yoga, anatomy, and teaching.

Program track: PRO

Partner Yin Yoga, Friday, August 2nd 16:30 - 18:00, Upseerikerhon juhlasali

Relax and unwind with Assisted Yin! In this practice, the receiver is gently held by their partner in long passive stretches targeting the hips, legs and lower back. It’s deeply soothing - an energetic tonic for the whole body and mind. Leta will guide each set of partners through an assisted yin session, so both partners have the chance to give and receive. Come with a partner or alone - just be comfortable with being hands on. Warm welcome!

Program track: LOVE