Kristin Vikjord Paternotte

Kristin is a trained Clinical Psychologist, Yoga Therapist, and A MF facilitator. She mentors clients and professionals through her online hub, the Dakini Dharmahood - sharing expert resources for emotional wealth: inspirational and science based tools, to find ease in unease.  In her work Kristin has a focus on empowerment and emotional wellbeing as path to sustainable mental health.

«My aim is to empower you to integrated health, emotional wellbeing and a wondrous life»

How Yoga Is Beneficial for Our Mental Health (and Why It Isn´t), Friday, August 2nd, 16:00 - 17:30, Pajasali

The last two decades, we’ve seen yoga, mindfulness and spiritual practices spike in popularity here in the west, whilst at the same time mental health disease increase, with earlier onset in youth and children than ever. Yoga and wisdom teachings are presented as the golden medicine for most things, including a variety of mental health conditions. How is yoga, and wisdom teachings beneficial for our mental health, actually? And when is it not?

In this talk, Kristin will take you through the essentials of yoga for mental health. Not only the efficient factors and what research tells us, but also looking at how the current paradigm has emerged: with spiritual practices having ev0lved from mystic ritualistic practices of connecting with deieties and God(s), to secular practices being infused in schools, prisons, and psychiatry world wide, even giving rise to new health care professions like Yoga Therapists.

Program track: PRO

Mindful Yoga, Saturday, August 3rd, 12:30 - 14:00, Upseerikerhon juhlasali

Mindful Yoga (MFY) is a gentle practice of integrated embodiment, where you practice yoga as a process, with a non-critical, curios and compassionate attitude.  MFY is an experience based bottom-up practice, meaning accessing the wisdom of your being from your tissues rather than top down/from your thoughts. It´s a pause from autopilot, from left hemispheric actions, nudging you to right hemispheric being, elevating you to the state of yoga, of integration. All practices are highly efficient in reducing stress activation of the nervous system.  Be prepared to move, breath, and sit in short meditation.

The approach of Mindful Yoga evolved from Kristin’s work with folks suffering from mental health conditions. Relating to the pain we hold in our bodies, is the first step towards transformation and wellbeing. Everyone can find ease in unease.

Program track: LOVE

Embodied Compassion in Practice, Sunday, August 4th, 17:00 - 18:15, Main Stage

In this practice session you’ll get to tap into embodied compassion, working intimately with yourself, supported by your fellow practitioners in the room. There will be movement poetry, some simple breath work, integrated meditations, and reflective work. Bring your notebook and pen, yoga mat and meditation shawl. Wear something comfortable, and prepare to dive into your inner landscape and open up to your inner spark.

Program track. LOVE