Johanna Lindroos

Johanna, originally from Finland, first encountered yoga when she was living in India on a quest to search for a new direction to life and is without doubt on a life long journey to practise and learn more. She lives, practises and teaches yoga in Singapore. In addition, she co-runs Outta Hatha Yoga, a pop-up yoga platform in Singapore.

The Best Massage Ever - Myofascial Release Techniques for Self-healing, Sunday, August 4th, 19:30 - 21:00, Mastovaja

Do you ever experience tightness, muscle discomfort or limited range of motion that does not go away by ordinary means such as resting, stretching or massage? Join Johanna to learn myofascial self massage techniques to take care of the body, especially the fascia by using tennis balls in a therapeutic manner. Healthy fascia supports biomechanics – the interplay between muscles, other soft tissues and bones in maintaining posture and creating movement.

Program track: LOVE

You Are as Young as Your Spine Is Flexible - Therapeutic Back Bends, Sunday, August 4th, 9:30 - 11:00, Mastovaja

Spinal mobility and good posture go hand in hand. Both are vital to our wellbeing. Poor posture and limited spinal mobility affect movement and make us more prone to injuries, pains and aches. Even breath and digestion are affected by posture.

Join Johanna to explore yoga asanas, mindful movement, gravity and breath to maintain and restore upper back, neck and shoulder health.

Program track: MOVE