Meet the amazing Magnesia Festival 2019 teachers!

More announcements to follow during the spring.


Amir jaan - UK

Amir was classically trained in the Spiritual Art of Kundalini Yoga. Today he’s a Senior Mentor to hundreds of students having conducted in excess of 30,000 thousand classes across the world. With his vast experience he brings a reassuring calmness into any learning environment.

Amir Jaan has a gift for neutralizing the atmosphere of both the outer world and inner seascapes of attendees by sharing openheartedly his own ever-deepening experiential knowledge of Yogic science combined with the presence and confidence of knowing, qualities that can only be purchased with the currencies of time, dedicated daily practice and patience.



Katri Syvärinen is a RYT500 yin & Embodied Flow™ inspired yoga teacher and a wellbeing coach. Her passion is to help people free themselves of their limiting beliefs and let their true potential unfold. With her gentle voice Katri creates a magical space for you to turn inwards and meet your authentic self.


Anastasia Shevchenko

Anastasia Shevchenko has practiced yoga for the past 16 years ever since she moved from Ukraine to Canada. She’s created her own blend of a breath-centered yoga she calls "Soulful Ashtanga Flow" that she infuses with the concepts from various philosophical and spiritual traditions, as well as findings from the fields of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Quantum mechanics.

Anastasia Shevchenko is also the founder and the managing director behind the Berlin Yoga Conference. Her special interest lies in the creation of bridges between yoga, philosophy, science, art, and spirituality. She is based in Berlin but happy to teach yoga around the world.


sanna devi dasi

Sanna's yoga path started with ashtanga where she learnt the benefit of tough discipline and asana done in the Finnish 'sisu' way. Her practise has since softened through the discovery of Tibetan Heart Yoga, Bhakti, the yoga of devotion.Sanna is authorised to teach Tibetan Heart Yoga from Lama Marut based in Australia.

Sanna is currently living and teaching in Bali. She is a faculty member of the globally renowned Radiantly Alive Yoga teacher training programme and she teaches internationally. Sanna feels equally at home in Asia and Finland and is happy visit teaching where her yoga journey started - in Helsinki.  


Kristin Vikjord Paternotte

Kristin is a trained Clinical Psychologist, Yoga Therapist, and A MF facilitator. She mentors clients and professionals through her online hub, the Dakini Dharmahood - sharing expert resources for emotional wealth: inspirational and science based tools, to find ease in unease.  In her work Kristin has a focus on empowerment and emotional wellbeing as path to sustainable mental health.

«My aim is to empower you to integrated health, emotional wellbeing and a wondrous life»



Jaakko Halmetoja is a nutrition & wellness expert, author, entrepreneur and public speaker with a pace of around 100 lectures per year. Halmetoja has a passion for making health & wellness cool – by popularizing the disruptive force of new health technologies and abundant opportunities around us. For a past decade, Jaakko has been traveling the world in search of the most interesting food ingredients and health technologies available – working as an advisor for multiple healthcare companies in Finland and abroad.



keiju vihreäsalo

Keiju Vihersalo is a sociologist, writer and an educator.Keiju’s book Jotta voisin rakastaa (Otava) was released in October 2018. Keiju is also the Co-Founder of Hima Happiness.


Aino siren

Aino grew up in Finland and moved to New York in 1999 to pursue a dance career.  She included yoga as a complement to her dance training, felt a connection immediately, and has been a devoted practitioner ever since.  Aino's desire is to help you connect with the teacher within, to live your yoga everyday and every moment. She is known as a passionate, creative and kind teacher and she is particularly loved for her healing hands on adjustments. Aino is a Teacher Trainer and Mentor in the ISHTA Yoga Teacher Training in NYC and Finland, and she hosts Yoga Retreats around the world.  She is also a Raindrop Technique practitioner as well as a Reiki Master.



matilda mannström

Matilda Mannström is a Helsinki based yoga teacher, goldsmith and jewellery designer. She was introduced to yoga in her early teens in 2007, and has been sharing her teachings since 2012. On her journey, she has met wonderful teachers world wide, and is currently studying with Yogarupa Rod Stryker. Matilda is passionate about exploring and reflecting on the body from within. As a creative, Matilda surrounds herself with beauty in in every-day life, which also reflects her yogic practice.


jarno härkönen

In Finland, Jarno is one of the pioneers of bodyweight and movement exercises. He has written three books on the area of his expertise latest to be published in March 2019. He’s a head trainer at Personal Trainer Akatemia and he also coaches at his own studio ‘Yoga & Movement Center ‘ in Espoo offering content from flow yoga sessions to handstand workshops.In his courses and trainings Jarno wants to open people’s eyes, teach with technical precision in mind and also encourage everyone to have fun while doing it!



Julia is the founder of BAY Pilates & Yoga at Kanavaranta Katajanokka. She is passionate about recognising and changing movement patterns. Her teaching is influenced by these somatic approaches to create a positive and transformative movement experience.


meri mort

Meri is known to be fun, loving and imaginative teacher who enjoys both the lights and the shadows of life. She keeps her yoga and meditation events experimental and authentic. Meditative movement for her is an attitude to experience fully all aspects of life and path to discover creative life energy moving within us. She is also an illustrator and author. Rest and play, breathe and be brave!



Ona Kamu is a Musician, an Actress and an always curious and enthusiastic Seeker. She’s graduated as a Peter Hess® Sound Massage Practitioner and will take you on a journey to get to know the sound-resonance-method and guide you on how to deep-relax listening to the sound of the singing bowls and harmonious sounds of gongs. 



Rosa Nenonen is the founder of Pilots Helsinki and a practitioner of positive psychology. She helps people to open up, develop their way of thinking and break the boundaries they set for themselves in order to reach for their full potential. Rosa is also a Speaker and a Writer ans she trains company organizations’ staff and organizes workshops.