elina jaatinen

Elina Jaatinen is an emotional healing therapist, speaker, facilitator, author, who has been on in the wellbeing field since 2010. Elina does works both individuals and groups creating space for deep transformation and authentic wellbeing in her workshops, emotional intelligence training for companies and private practice. Elina is the head of The Journey in Finland and her book Omassa voimassa comes out 2019.


A deep journey within, Sunday, 4th August, 14:00 - 15:30, Ruutikellari  

A deep journey within workshop gives you a possibility to dive deep within yourself and get to know yourself on a new level. This workshop is for you if you have a longing to connect with something deeper, something that you might not be able to even name. Also a longing to bring to the surface and let go of things that no longer serve in order to let your authentic self to shine.

This workshop consists of a deep guided journey accompanied by music, use of visualization and working in small groups during which everyone can decide the level of sharing they wish to do.

Program track: TRANSFORM