cole chance

Cole has been a seeker all her life. It has brought her into the depths of addiction, to all corners of the world, and most importantly to the path of yoga. Through this practice, she has begun to understand, unravel, and explore the most fascinating of all landscapes... the inner one.  Cole is currently based in Bali + teaches yoga and Thai massage internationally.

Joy in Motion Vinyasa, Friday, August 2nd, 14:45 - 16:00, Main Stage

This dynamic vinyasa class will emphasize intentions through movement, creative sequencing, and a rhythmic cadence via the breath. All-levels are welcome, there will be invitations to deepen or soften throughout.

Program track: MOVE

Journey to Freedom - Soft Flow + Yin, Saturday, August 3rd, 13:30 - 14:45, Main Stage

How can we find more freedom? More space? Space between the inhale and the exhale - between the ribs and the hips, between stimulus and response.

In this practice we will cultivate listening through movement, stillness, self-inquiry and the simplicity of coming back to meet ourselves again and again. The path can begin here. Softly. Gently.

Inside the four corners of our mat and extending out into our lives in the Journey to Freedom.

Program track: LOVE

Wounds to Wisdom: Yoga & Recovery, Sunday, August 4th, 9:30 - 11:00, Ruutikellari

We are all recovering from something; negative self-talk, traumas, addictions, the list goes on. Through yoga we can begin to put the pieces back together and come closer to wholeness. By compassionately inviting and integrating shadow back into our lives we can stand bravely in our humanity which in turn will help others do the same. Endless ripples!

We will flow, breathe, meditate, and share in commUNITY. Collectively turning our chaos into clarity: our Wounds into Wisdom!

Program track: TRANSFORM