Food and drink that nourishes both body and mind - at Magnesia Festival you can enjoy a wonderful food selection designed specially for the festival guests. Additionally, there are several other restaurants and cafes in Suomenlinna to visit.


Susisaaren Ruokala

Susisaaren Ruokala will be a part of Magnesia Festival in August with its lush garden and beautiful, old interiors. Outside in the yard, you can enjoy a selection of top dj:s every afternoon. Right next to Susisaaren Ruokala is Magnesia main stage and workshop space Mastovaja.

Food offerings will be mostly vegetarian, including local ingredients in season, using herbs and flowers that are grown in the own garden.


Lunch buffet Friday, 2nd and Saturday 3rd,11-15 15€/person

  • variety of salads

  • variety of bread

  • Goreng wok (vegan)

  • Mediterranean salmon ja herb polenta

Sunday brunch, August 4th, 11-15 19€/person

  • salads: couscous & fried pumpkin / quinoa, beans and sprouts / tomato, feta and basil / greens of the season

  • vegetable crudites & dips

  • pesto-mushroom pie

  • green shot from kale, spinach and apple

  • falafel, harissa and yosa tzatziki

  • oat block - beetroot stew

  • fruit

  • chocolate brownie

  • passion mousse

  • rhubarb pie

Festival night menu Friday - Saturday 15:00 - 22:30, Sunday 15:00 - 18:30

Daily salads (15€)

Daily vegetable soup (10€)

Seitan kebab (12€) 

Pike burger (10€) 

Pike burger + salad & root vegetable chips (15€) 

Daily vegan portion (15€) 

Daily fish (22,50€)

Outside paella pan Friday - Saturday 15:00 - 23:30, Sunday 15:00 - 18:30

chicken/seitan (12€)

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Warmly welcome to froosh smoothiebar, next to the Magnesia main stage. You may also encounter colourful froosh bikes in the festival area with healthy and delicious smoothies for thirsty festival guests. Did you know that all froosh products are made of 100% fruit, berries and vegetables? Nothing else added but natural ingredients!

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Tuk Tuk Travellers are known for exceptionally delicious food and authentic, warm service inspired by Asian street food. This year we will take a step further from last year’s positive experience at Magnesia Festival: delicious food includes even more top quality herbs and spices to deepen connection with nature and bring deep nuances for the customer experience. All food is vegan, glutein and lactose free.



Raw intola is a summer cafe truck founded by three, young people from Jyväskylä, which offers nourishing, vegetarian food. All food is prepared by hand from the start. The food is vegan expect for certain raw cakes that include locally produced honey, and doesn’t include wheat or glutein. Welcome to enjoy both sweet and sour delicacies!

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Fazer Yosa’s ice cream bikes go around the festival area offering delicious ice cream, made of oats. Come and taste the new ice cream flavours!

Fazer Yosa oats ice cream is fermented like many other Fazer Yosa products, including living bacteria healthy for your gut and digestive system. Fermenting makes Yosa ice cream special compared to many other ice creams and gives it a fresh taste. There are three delicious flavours to taste: vanilla, raspberry and buckthorn.


You can find plenty of restaurants and cafes around Suomenlinna in addition to the festival food selection. Please check the variety of restaurants on the offical page of Suomenlinna fortress.