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Annina is a MSc in Organisation & Leadership, BSc in Social Psychology and has worked in recruitment, employer branding, career development and learning facilitation at Reaktor. At the moment she is experimenting with her role at Reaktor and as a side project building iteratively her own company, called Loimu Learning Life Lab. Annina believes that creating a psychologically and emotionally safe environment and relationships around you is the key to start going deeper in your authentic self. By being authentic to your inner wisdom you can live a healthier and more sustainable life, and create systems intelligent impact in the world.

Light Your Fire & Get Your Business in Flames, Friday, August 2nd, 16:30 - 18:00, Mastovaja

This workshop has three parts:

1) Annina shares her LOIMU model, which answers to the questions “How to light your inner fire?” or “How to help others to light their inner fire?” LOIMU model is an iterative experiment, that is under constant exploration.

2) How to get your business in flame? Annina shares her know-how based on her career at Reaktor and explains how she is building her company using the best tools and knowledge from the IT world - service design, agile growth methods, systems thinking and growth hacking.

3) How can I use this way of thinking in my own life or business? The workshop ends with reflection and group discussion.

Program track: PRO